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As a painter I paint whatever catches my fancy, so a variety of subjects have become the topic of my paintings, including people, animals, still life and non-representational pieces.  Inspiration for and influences on my work include the Bible, photography, printmaking, dancers, art history, nature, and animation & cartoons.

My current art series is “Adventures in Abstract”.  These non-representational paintings started as an artistic challenge that turned into a lovely journey of creative discovery.  The small but colorful pieces are created by applying acrylic paint directly to the canvas and moving it with dynamic strokes of the palette knife or paintbrush. The pieces reflect the energy, boldness and vibrancy of color that I hope will bring joy to the viewer.
One of my favorite mediums is oil pastel.  I enjoy combining it with charcoal, cont'e crayon and oil paints or just thinning it with odorless mineral spirits to give my drawings a painterly feel and my paintings the rawness of a drawing.  It is like trying to make a still image move as though it is joyfully dancing.  Another favorite drawing medium is pen and marker.  

I also enjoy the experimental nature of mixed media.  Sometimes, it takes combining mediums together to effectively convey the idea, emotion or moment I'm trying to artistically convey.   But at other times, I'm using them just for the fun of it; challenging myself to see what I can make with an item, like a broken mug, coffee beans or even wood ashes.  My favorite added materials are sand and image transfers.  I love adding image transfers to a canvas because it allows me to combine my two artistic loves into one work. 
As a photographer, the landscape and the nature life surrounding my home town is often the subject of my camera lens.  It is pointing at the various birds, trees, flowers and water views in the area.  In addition to recording a moment, I use my photos as reference for paintings and subjects for image transfer in my mixed media pieces.   
The name, Happy Heart Arts, comes from Proverbs 15:13: "A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the soul."  The term, musical hug, I got from my friend, Karen, who is a singer.  I was feeling down about my art and she encouragingly reminded me about how we don't know the impact of what art has on another person and how it can touch them emotionally.  She told me the story of how her singing provided a musical hug to a couple.  Just like Karen, I, too, now hope that my art will move people both spiritually and emotionally. That no matter what the subject matter is that they will be uplifted by it.  

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