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Enjoy watching art demos videos, where I talk about my art process and inspirations while working on a new painting or drawing. Learn a craft by watching one of my family-friendly craft demo videos  Lastly, be entertained by one of my photography slideshows or inspired by an online art exhibition presented here in an upbeat video format. 

Click an image to watch one of the videos, which opens in a separate window.


--  Jolie

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Enjoy this demonstration me doing an oil pastel drawing on paper.  I used a photo of my nephew blowing a New Year's horn as my reference image.  This is a speed version of the drawing process, so there are no vocals.


Originally recorded January 2022.

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Want to see more art demos?  Click above to see my virtual art demo collection on YouTube. The videos are various lengths.  On the longer videos, viewers can enjoy hearing me talk about my art process, inspirations and more while I create an artwork before their eyes.  For the shorter videos, enjoy music while an artwork comes into being.

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Didn't have the opportunity to see my shows in person, then check out these virtual presentations I created using the imagery from my solo shows, Playful Palette.

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Enjoy photography, check out my photo slideshows on YouTube.


Two slideshows were made during Wisconsin's"Stay At Home" Mandate in 2020. I did a couple of indoor photo shoots using objects I found around my apartment and home studio. For both, I focused on items related to my life as an artist.

Hammonassett Beach Memories: In Sept of 2021, I visited Hammonassett Beach State Park in Connecticut with my folks and I took these photos. I created this video slideshow to document the wonderful time and the things I saw..


Make your own jewelry with this fun bead project that is great for all ages.  Listed below is a supply list and printable PDF templates for a 1" and 2" beads.

To make this project, you will need the following materials:


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Links to my YouTube channel where viewers can get peeks in my sketchbooks.

To see more videos, visit my channel on YouTube:

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