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A New Web Site for Happy Heart Arts

Over the last few weeks I've been working to create a new online platform for my artistic work. Now, I'm proud to say it is complete. I invite my family and friends, old and new, to stop by for a visit to take a look around. I've posted images of my paintings, photography and jewelry. For those who have seen my work on Facebook, you might see something old, but I hope you discover something new. But this is also a place to peruse my paintings without needing Facebook.

On my blog page here, I hope to talk about my works in progress, my creative process and to post images of random things that don't fit in with the painting, drawing, photography and jewelry categories. So be on the lookout for a random post or two about stage props I've made.

Lastly, if a piece strikes your fancy, or you wonder if I do commissions, please feel free to contact me.


P.S. I chose the above image of Brown Eyed Daisies for my first post because I used a similar image of these flowers for my business cards. Both pictures are from the same photo session and grove of flowers.

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